Thursday, 22 December 2011

2011/2012 So Far

American Footballer Social

Firstly, welcome to R.U.R.C's new website. This is now the place to keep up to date with what the club are doing including training, racing and social events. Here is a retrospective of what has happened so far this season, with a promise that you will hear about things almost as they happen from now on.

The first thing to say is this summer the club moved to a new boathouse, and we are now training at Thames Tradesmen Rowing Club in Chiswick which, despite teething problems, is going very well. It is a big step up from our previous host club and we thank TTRC for their help. Also new is our coach. It is widely agreed that Laura did a fantastic job at the club last year, but as she returned to Australia during the summer, the club is now being coached by another excellent coach in Francesca Jus-Burke. Franki is a very talented rower in her own right, and we are very lucky to have her. She has fit in very well indeed. Anybody wishing to follow her progress towards London 2012 check out her blog HERE.

During 'Freshers Week' we took on our biggest influx of new members yet, so much so that in the first week we were overwhelmed! The freshers then split into groups and learnt the basics in the tank at our neighbours Emmanuel Boat Club, and have since progressed out onto the water, predominantly in eights. We are really pleased with their progress so far and look forward to seeing what they can do when we put them in squads in January ahead of the racing season.

Our first social of the year was 'American Footballer' themed and seemed to go down very well! It was a great chance for our new members to get to know everyone.

Some of our new members settling in!
Hot on the heels of the American Footballer social came the R.U.R.C initiations, which had a caveman/dinosaur theme. We'll let these pictures do the talking!

"Are you arse-y!?"
Initiations 2011

We also held our first fundraiser of the year taking part in a 24 hour 'ergathon' in the university library, which was brilliantly organised by Diana. Our members rowed in 30 minute slots throughout the day and night and so far we have raised just over £200 which we will be putting towards new equipment. What an excellent achievement! We have plans for some great fundraisers in 2012, so keeps your eyes posted.

Dave B and Emily at the Ergathon

Racing wise, R.U.R.C took part in the BUCS Indoor Rowing Championships held at Imperial College in London in November. The erg was 2k flat out, and R.U.R.C posted some pretty good times for this stage of the season. Special praise goes to our women who all placed in the 'Top 10' at the London event, Jana Frobese highest placed in 3rd overall. We start our actual racing season at the Quintin Head towards the end of January so be sure to check back for photos and updates then.

R.U.R.C's BUCS Champions 2011

Last of all we held our annual Christmas meal at The Railway pub in Putney on Wednesday 14th December, which was massively well attended! Thanks to everyone that came along and we hope a good time was had by all. Thanks also to Rachel and Sam for doing a great job organising this event. 

See you all in 2012 for a successful season!