Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BUCS 4's & 8's Head - Day 2 and Women's Hammersmith Head

Roehampton University Rowing Club returned to Peterborough on Sunday, and thankfully found clear skies and even a little bit of sunshine greeting us - the complete contrast to the previous day's abysmal weather. That is not to say our luck got any better, with Men's Captain Sam Neal somehow managing to twist his back putting a boat trestle into the minibus in the morning and having to pull out of the mens senior crew at the last minute. Ryan Livingstone, the crew's cox, stepped in with Rachel Esker stepping into the coxes seat, and in the circumstances the boys put in a decent performance. 

The senior girls did very well and finished 24th in a good time. Well done to Rachel, Jana, Amy, Tessa and Diana! Check below for a video of the girls coming up to the finish and a selection of group photos from after the event!

Roehampton University Rowing Club also competed at the Women's Hammersmith Head this Sunday on the Thames between Chiswick Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge. An almost complete beginner crew did extremely well to finish 90th in a time of 17 minutes 25 seconds. Well done to Ciara Quinlan, Sarah Fort, Abi Durrant, Annabel Paterson, Aimee White and especially Jo Crouch, Elisabeth Tvedt, Elisabeth Stromneses and Isabel Bjorge who raced twice over the weekend having raced at BUCS on the Saturday. Please see below for a few pictures of the girls. 

Sarah Fort, Aimee White, Annabel Paterson, Isabel Bjorge, Elisabeth Stromneses, Elisabeth Tvedt, Abi Durrant and Jo Crouch

The girls racing.