Saturday, 13 April 2013


Well, the University has finished for the Easter break which means two things to us at RURC: Tour and Summer Rowing!

I'm honestly not sure which is the more exciting prospect. We rattle on enough about both to the Freshers in the club.

Anyway, at this point in time Tour has come and gone, with Roehampton among other universities piling onto coaches and driving down to Rimini, Italy, for a week. Unfortunately(?) there are no rowing facilities so we cannot compete like the other sports teams on the trip. However, this does give us a well deserved break on the beach and in the bars. Though, that didn't stop us from rowing, as the traditional sand 8+ below shows. Nor did it stop us from winning, as we can home with the Runner Up Men's Football trophy, kindly "donated" by Aberdeen Uni.

At least we tried
Needless to say, we had difficulty recollecting most evening events and I'm not sure how appropriate what we do remember is for the blog. I can assure you, however, it was absolute carnage.

Just a taster of what happened on tour.

On to Summer Rowing then, with a likely move back to Barn Elms Boathouse and the prospect of BUCS Regatta, things can only get better for RURC.

Oh yeah, and we had this little thing taken.