Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Quintin Head 2012 in Pictures

Men's 1st 8+ in action (Finished 128th in a time of 16 minutes 45 seconds) (Photo by Imperial Photos)

Men's Cox Stephen pre-race
Club and Men's Captains, Sam Sears and Sam Neal pre-race
Women's 1st 8+
Amy Austen, Elisabeth Tvedt, Isabel Bjorge, Abi Durrant, Rachel Esker, Diana Miguel Lava, Elisabeth Stromneses, Jana Frobese and Tessa Polder
Men's and Women's Racing Crews
Our coxe's Stephen and Rachel pre-race
Abi, Isabel, Jana and Elisabeth pre-race

Men's 1st 8+
Hannu Hara, Sam Neal, David Bedord, Richard Swoboda, Stephen Smyth, Sam Sears, Jan Erik Haavik, Ryan Livingstone and Eirik Christiansen

Women's 1st 8+ in action (Finished 136th in a time of 17 mins 33 secs) (Photo by Imperial Photos)